We are an Australian owned company, founded in 2018, that promotes, supports, and offers solutions to the Australian Manufacturing industry by using Additive Manufacturing Technologies.

Based in Melbourne, we strongly believe in 3D printing as the future of Australian manufacturing and its capacity to create a solid future for the country based on technology, innovative design, and high value manufacturing methods.

With any growing technology come opportunities to provide new solutions to existing global problems. 3D printing is inherently full of creative potential and is a flexible, adaptive solution to many challenges in present-day part manufacturing. Committed to a ‘less-with-less’ philosophy, we care about how we use resources and aim to use the versatility of this technology to reduce carbon emissions by using less energy, less materials and minimised long-distance transport to source necessary replacement parts.

At 3D CounterPoint, we bring extraordinary expertise into contract manufacturing, engineering design and the automotive industries in Melbourne. We use advanced 3D CAD for general design, and Cura and Eiger to interface our 3D printers. With a deep understanding of machinery and replacement parts, we tailor-make parts with precision and short lead times, minimising unnecessary part hoarding and optimising the efficiency of part manufacturing and supply to your business.

“Part Of The Solution” for your process

Imagine all the possible solutions and flexibility that 3D printing is offering to your manufacturing process.


We can help you move away from processes that are costing you time, storage and money.

  • Storing parts in the long term is a very expensive way to keep the right replacement parts on hand. Our methods allow you to get the right parts made for you locally and on demand.
  • Buying from international part manufacturing industries can result in long lead times, but we can solve this too. Our parts are made in Melbourne, and with our team based locally, we are on hand to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

Whether a part needs to be tough, flexible, durable or peculiar, if it needs to be updated regularly, gently, or if a part’s design needs customised fine-tuning, we can make it happen.


Markforged X7

This is a High-class industrial grade platform built to deliver the best quality and accuracy in 3D printing. The ‘X7’ features a strengthened dual nozzle print system that provides support for printing with Kevlar reinforcement, continuous Carbon Fiber, and laser parts inspection.

  • Build Volume: 330mm x 270mm x 200mm
  • Z Layer Resolution: 50 micron
  • Print Bed: Kinematic coupling (Flat to within 80 microns)
  • Laser: In Process and Part Inspection, Active Print Calibration, Bed Leveling

Ultimaker S5

  • Build Volume: 330 x 240 x 300 mm
  • Layer Resolution: 20 – 600 micron

Modix 120X

  • Build Volumes: 1200mm x 600mm x 600mm
  • Layer Resolution: 100 microns on the XY plane
and 50 – 400 micron layer height on the Z

Markforged Onyx One

Built on the same platform as the award-winning ‘Mark Two’, the Onyx One is designed from the ground up for quality and reliability. Onyx parts can be twice as strong as conventional printing plastics.

  • Process: Fused filament fabrication
  • Build Volume: 320mm x 132mm x 154mm
  • Print Bed: Kinematic coupling (flat to within 160 μm)
  • Layer Height 100 μm default, 200 μm maximum
  • Infill: Closed cell infill (multiple geometries available)

Materials Available

  • Plastic: Onyx (nylon mixed with carbon fiber compound)
  • Reinforcement Fiber: Carbon-fiber, Fiberglass, Kevlar, High Strength/High Temp Fiberglass