• Are you overwhelmed to change product and associated parts often, and struggle to find replacements and/or tooling in time?

  • Have you tried buying and adapting wholesale parts but it doesn’t work anywhere near as well as they say?

  • Have you tried to 3D print parts online but when delivered it doesn’t work anywhere near as they say?

How much is this costing you every day? And how does it feel to have no predictability over your process and replacement parts?
Can you survive another year like this?

The parts replacement issues keep piling up. And the problem doesn’t go away.
The months keep rolling and you may struggle to reach your goal.

It doesn’t have to be this way

  • You can have a good 3D engineered part.

  • You can have a good part in time.

  • And you can also run your process with the time and precision the way you want.


  • Give us a call to discuss your requirements.
    We will sit down with you to understand your problem and solve it together with you.

  • We have precision carbon fibre printers that can also use layers of continuous fibre, making the parts stronger.

  • We can print prototype parts for initial tryouts on PLA and ABS plastics.